Cookie Policy

Our company uses cookies on its website while carrying out the work it offers to our valued visitors.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small electronic files containing information that are added to your device when you visit our site. Cookies are used widely in the virtual world and because web browsers are automatically defined as pre-acceptance, the language, settings, etc. of your device related to your visit. It helps to remember information.

Types of cookies used on our site;

We use 2 types of cookies on our website:

Temporary Cookies: While users visit our website

They are created and remain active as long as they are active on the site, and are automatically deleted when they close the page.

Persistent Cookies: While users visit our website are created and are not deleted until they expire. These cookies generally allow us to remember our visitors and create a special experience for them on their next visit.

In general, our purposes for using cookies are:

• User experience and preferences on websites recording your visits for personalization purposes,

• To increase website performance.

Confidential information of users in any cookie we use are not held. If you do not want cookies to be stored on your computer, you can change your cookie usage preferences in your browser's settings.

Our Warning on Policy Changes

In the event that the content of this Policy changes or there are new additions, the latest updated policy will be made available on our website to provide transparency to our Users and inform how we collect and use data.